Our Story

“Once Committed, We Will Deliver No Matter the Cost”
Men With Vans was started in 2012 with the aim to provide reliable, secured and fast delivery services at affordable rates. It all started when we ourselves experienced several encounters of “no show” by delivery service providers despite us having confirmed the delivery schedule with them. We felt then there was an opportunity to start Men With Vans to provide the reliability and commitment we felt was missing in the delivery service business and to do so at affordable rates.

Through the years, Men With Vans has built a reputation and trust with our customers built on our commitment to deliver our
customers’ items the minute we confirm an order.

Our Services

Our Delivery Service

Men With Vans specialises in helping companies deliver supplies or stocks from their warehouses to retail

Our Pick Up Service

Our Pick Up Service is a new service aimed at providing convenience for self-storage users. We will pick up items from self-storage users and send them to the designated storage locations.

Our Permit Service

Working with our licenced partner, Alfa-Zeta Express Service (UEN:27839800J), Men With Vans aims to assist our customers in the issuance of the relevant customs permits required for their import and/or export goods in and out of Singapore.

What Our Customers Say

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Outdoor Life

Outdoor Life is the largest outdoor gear shop in Singapore. As a business, we operate with integrity. As people, we love the great outdoor and understand the importance of quality outdoor gear. We are committed to help you with our knowledge on our products through our love for outdoor life.

We choose to move our products from our warehouses to our retail outlets through Men With Vans because they are very responsive, prompt and reliable in ensuring our products reach the retail points on time without damage. We can trust Men With Vans to respond to our changes in the delivery schedule as they are accommodating to our requests.

Creatif Venture Pte Ltd

Creatif Venture’s primary business is in the sourcing and manufacturing of gifts and premiums. They provide a "one-stop service": conceptualising clients' needs and translating them into the ideal premium through innovative sourcing, stringent follow through in the production and fulfillment services in Singapore, regionally and beyond.

We always engage Men With Vans for our deliveries as they always provide reliable and prompt delivery at competitive rates to the market. Men With Vans are very flexible in meeting our delivery schedule which can change at short notice.

Director, Innovis Marketing Pte Ltd

Innois Marketing’s vision was simple: to bring the best in cosmetics and skin care to the Singapore market. At a time when the cosmetics industry was converging on high coverage and dramatic effects, Innovis bucked the trend to develop Couleur Inc., their signature line of cosmetics that places affordable skincare at the heart of every formulation. Since their founding, Couleur Inc. has progressively refined their make-up formulation to create cosmetics that are fragrance-free, rich in Vitamin E and made with natural plant extracts, yet deliver vibrant, long lasting colours and accents. Their products are sold through popular retail points in large shopping malls, e.g. Mustafa Shopping Centre.

We have been using Men With Vans because they can be trusted to reliably deliver our cosmetic products on time per schedule to our retail points. Men With Van’s delivery service is also cost competitive against other delivery companies in the market."

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